We have to carry on!


Oh boooooyyyss~!

We’re missing Tsukishima and Yamaguchi because I got really tired pff; But enjoy these boys anyway! (also I know their heights are a little wonky but HEYO)

Done in stream 14-08-14


brendan’s gonna wreck your shit


brendan’s gonna wreck your shit


All i did last week was draw crossdressed boys and sailor fuku



artista: Pixiv Id 247565


So there!
Someone here on Tumblr stole the picture of my pants and I’m super bloody angry about it.

So I’m uploading it myself now and already contacted the Tumblrsupport because I want to have the fake one deleted.

 It hurts so much that the stupid stolen one hit 50k that’s just bullshit and I wanna cry
The next time you wanna upload that s*it of mine you gon’ ask me got it??

So yeah those are the nearly finished pants i painted for my Nisha-cosplay.
Nothing more to say…
here’s my site which is also the source: